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This session will showcase the latest developments in CORDEX science from across the globe and will also highlight examples of where partnerships have been forged to utilise CORDEX information in the vulnerability, impacts and adaptation context. 

Abstracts are encouraged from groups of presenters representing this 'end-to-end' process from the regional climate modeller to the impact modeller to an end user community which may include sectors such as agriculture, urban planning, forestry or civil society organisations.


Oral presentations

Tuesday 17th May - 11:00 -13:00

 Invited presentations

  • William Gutowski - CORDEX overall status
  • Valérie Masson-Delmotte - IPCC  WGI perspectives on the best use/plan of CORDEX
  • Hans Pörtner - IPCC  WGII perspectives on the best use/plan of CORDEX (remote)
  • Bruce Hewitson - Dissection the distillation dilemma
  • Daniela Jacobs - CORDEX as a foundation for Climate Services
  • Carol Chouchani Cerfane - Operationalizing the science-policy interface through RICCAR and the Arab region


Tuesday 17th May - 14:00 - 17:00

 Invited presentations


Contributed presentations