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Welcome to a training session on Regional Climate Model Evaluation System - RCMES

Date: Thursday 2016-05-19
Time: 14.00 - 17.00
Room: to be confirmed later
Huikyo Lee, Brian Wilson, Paul Loikith and Duane Waliser
More information: please contact Duane Waliser

Preliminary agenda

  • Introduction to RCMES - motivation and capabilities (15 min)
  • System Requirements and Downloading RCMES software (15 min)
  • Running the RCMES Command Line Interface (30 min)
  • Reproducing CORDEX climate model evaluation using RCMES configuration files (45 min)
  • Customizing RCMES to perform model evaluations on other RCMs (30 min)
  • Overview of OCW (30 min)
  • Conclusions, future plans, feedback (15 min)


Note 1: the training session is limited to a maximum of 25 participants (first 25 to come on registration).
Note 2: as participant you are required to bring your own laptop or a partner who has one. To run RCMES, laptops require the following set of minimum specifications:

  • OS: Windows, Mac OS or Linux
  • Memory (RAM): at least 4 GB
  • Available free disk space: at least 5 GB (10 GB is recommended)


This instructional training session will start with a brief slide presentation on the motivation and objectives behind RCMES followed by an overview of its capabilities, underlying Open Climate Workbench (OCW) software and the associated website resources. During this overview, jump drives will be passed around so all participants can install the needed software and training materials onto their (or a partner’s) laptop.  From this point, the hands-on training will include a series of tutorials that start with a simple Command Line Interface (CLI) sequence for illustrative purposes, to a Configuration File (CF) that replicates the Kim et al. (2013) CORDEX Africa study. Following this will be participant-driven options to examine and execute other CFs from our tutorial materials, including instruction on how to change aspects of the CF such as the domain and/or evaluation metrics.