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Parallel sessions B will take place 14.00-17.00 on Wednesday 18th May and will be followed by Poster Session B featuring posters under the same session headings:


B1: Very high resolution modelling (Co-chairs: Filippo Giorgi & Markku Rummukainen)
  • Convection permitting simulations
  • Gridded statistical downscaling
  • Evaluation data for very high resolution models
  • Cross comparisons and links of GCM, RCM and statistical downscaling, for very high resolution


Oral presentations
B2: Human-climate regional interactions, towards RESMs (Co-chairs: Chris Lennard & Fredolin Tangang)
  • High resolution coupling of regional climate and coastal megacities
  • Bridging activity with urban parameterisation community
  • Land use change
  • Regional integrated assessment models
      •  Notes from Session B2 are available here.


Oral presentations
B3: A focus on ESD specific opportunities (Co-chairs: Bertrand Timbal & Tannecia Stephenson)
  • Local/point scale statistical downscaling
  • Variables not simulated by dynamical models
  • Opportunities for overcoming computer infrastructure barrier
  • Multi-variant statistical downscaling
      •  Notes from Session B3 are available here.


Oral presentations


The POSTER session B will take place 17.00-19.00

To download the Abstract Book, click here!