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C1: Representing and projecting extremes (Co-chairs: Bill Gutowski & Hyun-Suk Kang)
  • Convective systems
  • Tropical and extra-tropical storms
  • Precipitation associated with strong and weak monsoons
  • Heat stress and cold surge
  • Other types of strong precipitation, drought, and wind events especially those with high societal impact.
  • Determining confidence in projected changes through analysis of physical behaviour.
      •  Notes from Session C1 are available here.


C2: Regional atmospheric and ocean circulation systems (Co-chairs: Daniela Jacob & Stefan Sobolowski)
  • Wind storms
  • Strong regional winds
  • Wind energy
  • Regional ocean models (e.g Arctic, Mediterranean, Baltic…)
      •  Notes from Session C2 are available here.


C3: Regional scale hydroclimate: from observations to modelling to applications (Chair: Jason Evans & Jan Polcher)
  • Water resources/hydrological cycle
  • Cascade of information GCM to RCM to hydrological impact models
  • Water management for floods & other water flow issues.
  • Using large scale field experiments to assess and improve regional models
      •  Notes from Session C3 are available here.