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A1: Added value of downscaling (Grigory Nikulin & Krishnan Raghavan)
  • Internal variability as function of scale
  • Added value as a function of scale
  • Bias correction uncertainties and consistency
  • GCM-RCM interactions (e.g MJO, Monsoon, ENSO, NAO, PDO)
  • User focused added value
      •  Notes from Session A1 are available here.


A2: Models of the coupled regional climate system (Anne Frigon & Silvina Solman)
  • Interactive coupling  – in-line coupled models not one model feeding output into another without feedbacks
  • Coupling to address specific user needs & challenges (agriculture, fisheries, human health, forestry, hydrology, fires, coastal erosion, ecosystems, aerosols)
      •  Notes from Session A2 are available here.


A3: From data to information: a distillation dilemma (Bruce Hewitson & Clare Goodess)
  • Building robust climate change information messages from multiple sources and methods
  • Cross cutting issues (food-energy-water systems, water resources, extremes)
  • Trans-disciplinary approaches/Translational research/User informed science